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Primal principles

  1. WorldofGalina is a software designed for those who register to have a personal commercial website.
  2. WorldofGalina does not transfer the data to any third party company.
  3. On personal websites, all content must be public.
  4. The contents can be profile data, articles, announcements, products, events, messages, images, invoices and budgets.

This privacy policy text can always be modified only in order to provide more precision but without modifying its main principles

Do not register if you do not want to have a personal website.

If you do not have a web domain, WorldofGalina automatically provides you with a subdomain equivalent to your registration alias followed by .worldfofgalina.com or / and .bewik.com

WorldofGalina is public and all its contents can be seen and searched by anyone around the world. We also provide you with ways to communicate that are public through articles, advertisements, products, events, messages and images (in advance: "contents").


You are responsible for the data and content published on your website.

In order to make their contents known, these can appear in different WorldofGalina portals of Digital Setup.

All its contents are always associated with its author data.

WorldofGalina is owned by
Setup Digital.SL with CIF: B92344894 and email address: info@setupdigital.com

Post (Email)

Worldofgalina sends you a monthly email with information to allow you to remember the contents that are inserted in their webs

WorldofGalina sends you an email with your subscriptions weekly (unless you are not subscribed to any web owner)

How to delete or delete contents?

You always have a "Control Panel" accessible through your login information.

Through its control panel you can delete or modify all data except the registration mail account.
The email account can only be modified

How to remove your website?

To delete your website, request the deletion by email to info@setupdigital.com using the registration email account.

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